Getting Your 2010 Income Tax Rebate Fast

The deadline for filing your yearly individual income tax return, as IT Certification we all know, is April 15. But if you get your tax M2180-667 forms, paperwork and other duties organized as soon as possible, you can file  Cisco 700-501 as early as January 15. This year, when many Jacksonville taxpayers are facing ever-tightening belts, getting your tax rebate sooner than later can make a big difference in helping you make ends meet in 2010. At Buttner Hammock & Company, we are here to ensure that you get your check from the federal government as fast as possible. Here are the keys to receiving an early income tax rebate for 2010:

Get Your W-2s, 1099s and Other Forms Early

Your individual income tax filing process cannot be completed until you have all of the necessary documentation and tax forms in hand. To some degree, you are at the mercy of your employer’s payroll department. The deadline for sending out 1099s and W-2s is January 31st, and there is no law that can compel them to send it out faster.

However, some employers and payroll companies do have M4040-502 avenues through which you can get your tax forms early. Get in touch with our CPA tax preparation professionals to find out which strategies you can use to get your W-2s and other necessary documents faster.

Crunching the Numbers

As soon as the year ends, you can start analyzing your income, expenditures, charitable contributions and other taxable financial data. Even if you don’t have your official tax forms, you can begin making reasonable estimates or accurate calculations based on your own records. That way, when you do get those forms in the mail, you can have your income tax return all set and ready to go. Your CPA can help you cover all the necessary bases ahead of time.

Filing Your Tax Return Accurately

Nothing holds up your tax rebate more than the need to file an amended return or worse, an inquiry or audit. It’s in your best interest to go over your return carefully, ensuring that everything is entered accurately, calculated correctly and reported according to current tax code requirements. A CPA’s guidance and extensive knowledge of tax laws in Jacksonville, as well as on the state and federal level, can ensure that your tax return goes through with minimal questions asked.

E-Filing and Direct Deposit

The next vital step is getting your tax return to the IRS as fast as possible and allowing them to get your money back to you as fast as possible. E-filing moves much faster than sending in a paper return, but it’s important make sure that you use the most reputable and cost-effective e-file service. You can also elect to receive your tax refund as a direct deposit, which will save the government a stamp and you a trip to the bank.

While each situation is different and each tax filer has different circumstances, at Buttner Hammock and Co., we are dedicated to providing you quality service at a pace that fits your schedule. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment.