Jacksonville CPA Firm Industry Experience

At Hammock & Associates, we take a team approach to providing top-notch auditing, accounting, bookkeeping and business support services to all of our clients. Each team member wields outstanding expertise in one or more critical fields that speak directly towards the industries in which our clients operate. We tap this knowledge in order to gain a complete picture of your tax issues in the right context so we can help you seize upon opportunities and minimize risk. Some of specialties include:

National and Local Insurance Companies

Our partners and managers have worked extensively with insurance companies, organizations and state departments by providing auditing, accounting and litigation support and other consultant services. Thanks to our uncommon expertise in local, national and international insurance accounting, our firm is one of the most respected CPA firms within professional, legal and regulatory circles.

Family-owned Jacksonville Businesses

Because we live, work and raise our families in Jacksonville, we find that serving small- and medium-sized family-owned businesses in the Greater Jacksonville area to be some of the most rewarding work that we do. We provide total business solutions for local businesses, form basic bookkeeping to tax planning and auditing. Industries include manufacturing, retail, distribution, construction and others.

Not-for-profits, Charities and Tax-Exempt Organizations

As any chair or manager of a not-for-profit knows, tax-exempt status doesn’t also exempt you form tax issues. In fact, maintaining tax-exempt status requires adherence to stringent regulations, filing requirements and other compliance, which poses unique bookkeeping, accounting and auditing challenges for not-for-profits. At Hammock & Associates, our experience and insight helps not-for-profits continue doing their good work while remaining accountable and compliant.

At Hammock & Associates, our experienced team members allow us to serve small-, medium- and large-sized businesses from   any region or sector. Call us at 904.281.0080 to find out which of our professionals can best serve your needs.