Jacksonville CPA and Accounting Services

Public and private businesses large and small, local and national and everywhere in between can benefit from professionally prepared financial statements. Our CPA services help owners and managers better understand the fiscal health of their operation. More importantly, the Hammock & Associates name on your financial statements adds credibility to your financial statements and gives banks, lenders and individuals the confidence they need when investing in your business. Because each business has unique needs, we offer a wide range of financial statement services, including:

Compilation - Our certified professionals work alongside your business to prepare your financial statements for internal and external review. A compilation includes a report stating that the financial statements were prepared by our firm in accordance with AICPA professional standards. As the most basic level of CPA services, a compilation carries “no assurance” from our firm.

Review – A review encompasses the services included in a compilation, but also provides “limited assurance” that the financial statements are reasonably stated. Our CPAs conduct further inquiry and analysis into your company’s accounting and recordkeeping procedures and pay particular attention to any unusual items that may need explanation. In order to conduct a review, a CPA must remain independent from the client.

Audit – An audit is the highest level of CPA services and subjects your business and its accounting practices to the most rigorous examination process that can be performed by a CPA. An audit includes all the components of a compilation and review, plus a number of search and verification procedures. These typically include inventory counting, tests of selected transactions and information gathering from outside sources. An audit provides “reasonable assurance” that the financial statements are accurate and have a low risk of materially misstated information.

At Hammock & Associates,  we work alongside your company in order to best serve each party who stands to benefit from the long term success of your business.

To speak with a CPA about financial statement preparation and assurance, call our Jacksonville office at 904.281.0080.