Regulatory Consulting

At Hammock & Associates, our professionals are used to addressing the challenges of complex industry issues.  Although we have had a number of experiences in different industries, our core team has had over 150 years of cumulative experience in the insurance industry, including life, health, property and casualty insurers including more unique areas such as insurance dealing with viatical settlements and improper reporting by insurers to regulatory organizations. Our ability to work with companies and regulators alike with the following areas is part of our desire to continue to be in tune with industry current developments.  Our team is capable of assisting with:

  • NAIC risk based examinations from a vantage point of balancing the true risk of the enterprise to the tightening economics that all insurers and businesses alike are facing with present economic conditions.
  • Statutory accounting consultations including matters dealing with reinsurance, loss reserves, investments, and risk based capital to name a few.
  • Project teams that can assist with specialty areas such as policy admin system implementations especially those aspects dealing with integration of accounting and finance issues of insurance companies.
  • Analysis of claims processing and submission of claims and reporting to catastrophe funds, medicaid and medicare reporting and other organizations with oversight responsibilities.
  • Performance of operational reviews of governmental and quasi-governmental entities including guarantee associations and joint underwriting assocations.
  • Complex data analysis involving large data sets and the ability to get to information that may be necessary as part of a state regulatory examination or indepedent audit or that may pertain to fraud or other forensic analysis.

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