Jacksonville CPA Tax Planning and Preparation

Many individuals, businesses and organizations approach the intricacies of federal, state and local tax codes with an understandable amount of trepidation. But with our expertise, experience and attentive level of personalized service as a guide, you can navigate the labyrinth of tax issues with confidence and peace of mind. Our tax planning and preparation helps all tax filers save money, stay compliant and take advantage of credits, rebates and other tax incentives.

  • Individuals – From mortgages and tuition to retirement and estate planning, tax consequences can have an immense impact on when and how you reach your goals. Our personal tax preparation and tax planning services help you anticipate, avoid or mitigate tax consequences that may undermine your progress.
  • Businesses – Through strategic tax planning, year-round guidance and careful monitoring of opportunities and liabilities within all applicable taxing jurisdictions, we help our clients save thousands of dollars while staying compliant.
  • Not-for-profits – We help ensure that not-for-profit entities, charities and other non-profit organizations meet all the requirements that will allow them to continue enjoying the benefits of their tax-exempt status so they can better serve the community.

When it comes to tax preparation and tax planning, knowledge is power. At Hammock & Associates, we plan your tax strategy from an all encompassing vantage point grounded by decades of experience serving local businesses across various industry sectors. We take a team approach in addressing your tax issues by working alongside industry experts, attorneys and other expert consultants in order to see the complete picture regarding the specific tax issues that you have questions about. In this way, we ensure that no opportunity is missed and no tax consequence is suffered unduly.

To speak with a CPA about financial statement preparation and assurance, call our Jacksonville office at 904.281.0080.