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As the best Jacksonville CPA firm, Hammock & Associates, PLLC offers their clients a full array of services, and they have gained national recognition as well. The CPA services (basic bookkeeping, peer review and litigation support—along with everything in between) that they provide are sure to include the elements you need to help your business run smoothly and succeed.

What Hammock & Associates, PLLC can do for you

The firm understands that individuals, organizations and businesses alike may feel overwhelmed at times by the complexities of America’s local, state and federal tax codes. But as the best Jacksonville CPA firm, they are ready to provide the customized service, experience and expertise you need to cope with this legislation calmly and confidently. For example, through the tax services they offer, BHC can help you comply with the law, save money, and benefit from the various tax incentives available to you, such as rebates and credits.

Working for Your Business

Because of their reputation and the contacts they have established within the legal system, the best Jacksonville CPA firm will be on your side whenever you have to appear in court on a business matter. They are experienced in providing both litigation support and expert testimony on every level.

Hammock & Associates, PLLC Experience

When compared to other CPA firms in the area, BHC can point with pride to a remarkable client-retention rate that is directly related to the way in which those businesses have thrived since their relationship began. This includes both startups and well-established companies that are operating in an efficient, cost-effective manner because of the various services BHC has to offer and the help they are ready to provide.

In Florida, accounting firms are able to choose those firms that perform peer reviews on a firm-on-firm (FoF) basis, and as the best Jacksonville CPA firm, BHC has conducted a number of them throughout the state. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) urges firms to select their reviewers based on these essential elements: value-added, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and this explains why BHC has filled this role so often.

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