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Financial statements are an important part of any business. They are used not only internally for business planning purposes, but also will be handed over to external business for loan applications, audits, and compliance reviews. Your top Jacksonville CPA firm is available to put together financial statements that are professional and, above all, highly accurate.

It does not matter if your company employs ten people, or is in twenty states and employs a thousand people. The expectations of financial statements are incredibly high, and these vital documents should never be left to amateurs. Even those companies with accountants on staff can benefit from having your top Jacksonville CPA firm look over the documents that were prepared in house.

In addition to the external uses for financial statements, having properly prepared and accurate statements is vital for running the business. When your top Jacksonville CPA firm prepares the statements, you can rest assured that you will be basing your decisions on documents that are completely accurate and honest. The only way to understand the true health of your company is to have an accurate, unbiased, honest picture.

Your top Jacksonville CPA firm takes great pride in their work, and consistently creates statements of the highest quality. The BCH name carries a high level of credibility, because users know that we only produce top quality statements. Banks, lenders and other individuals will know they are seeing honest and accurate statements when they see the BHC name proudly stamped on your financial statements

Not every business has the same needs, and for that reason, we offer a range of services for your business needs. Your top Jacksonville CPA firm offers compilation services for financial statements that will be used both internally and externally. Along with the statements, you will also receive a report confirming that the financial statements were prepared using AICPA professional standards. Compilation services do not include a great deal of investigative work, and carry “no assurance” from our firm.

Review services include a compilation, as well as a more in depth analysis to your company’s recordkeeping and accounting procedures. Unusual items that require explanation will also be reviewed in greater detail. This service involves a higher level of research and investigation, and carries a “limited assurance” from our firm.

Audit services are the highest level offered by your top Jacksonville CPA firm. Your business and all internal accounting procedures will be examined closely in an audit that can only be conducted by licensed CPA’s. This procedure includes all services offered in a compilation and review, as well as search and verification procedures. Audits offer “reasonable assurance” that the statements are reasonably accurate as stated and that the risk of material misstated information is low.

Your top Jacksonville CPA firm, BHC, works closely with your company to provide the highest level of service, along with the most professional and accurate statements for your company.

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